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Who are Rare breed apparel Ambassadors?

Rare Breed Ambassadors are an exclusive group of energetic individuals who volunteer their passion and enthusiasm to spread the word about Rare Breed Apparel and help shape the future of the brand. These individuals partner with us to be an extension of the brand. We supply them with the latest information and Gear to share with their peers in their journeys.

Ambassadors are easy to spot in the community. Why? Because we provide them with official Rare Breed Apparel Ambassador apparel and items to help identify them and to make them stand out from the crowd. Say hi to an Ambassador the next time you see one, you never know what goodies they might be able to offer you!

What does a rare breed apparel Ambassador do?

The role a Rare Breed Apparel Ambassador plays is an important one, they represent our brand with honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. They lend their voice, time, and experience to the community, and pledge to do right by the communities in which we all live and work. Above all, they follow the Rare Breed Apparel Philosophy.

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