Our Story

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 Our Story

We are a team of dreamers, adventurers and creatives on a lifelong adventure to inspire the world everyday through our brand by using the power of words. Our apparel does the talking through inspirational sayings that we all can relate to as human beings. These sayings are taken right out of our struggles we faced when bringing Rare Breed Apparel, LLC to life. When you wear our apparel, part of us and our triumph is being shared with you.
Every day, since 2008, we've lived by the words "BE TRUE TO YOU". We are Kimberly and Steve Lee, a husband and wife team that is on a journey to aspire to inspire before we all expire. We started out simply creating graphic designs for t-shirts for churches, schools, local businesses and friends. What we noticed was how t-shirts gave people self confidence, inspiration to unite for a common purpose and truly express themselves. It was then that we had that “aha” moment and the idea for Rare Breed Apparel LLC was conceived and put into action.

Our inspiration for our designs are taken right from everyday challenges that we all face as people. We channel the negative and extract the positive out of everyday life and put an inspirational quote that embodies that positive vibe. You are not just a customer but you are our partner on this journey of inspiration with us. Without you we have no reason to exist, you inspire us to do what we do. We are a company that is driven by a purpose to strengthen, motivate and inspire people to always..."BE TRUE TO YOU."

Since our beginning as a brand, we've always considered our role and our place in the world, no fancy gimmicks just trying to make a difference in our home state of Michigan. We believe in laughing a lot, social change through responsible business practices that respect people. Rare Breed Apparel, LLC is a fashion brand for go-getters, people that aspire to go higher in everything they do. We invite you to join us on our journey of inspiration. So if you believe like we do and feel like we feel then let's partner up and inspire the world together!
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