Why Hustling Actually Hurts You

by Steve Lee October 14, 2017

Why Hustling Actually Hurts You

Hustling...chances are if your a small business owner you've heard this word. It makes us feel like we've got to be constantly busy doing something that gives us a competitive edge. Why not everyone else is doing it right? The question is have you ever thought about why you should be doing it.

There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. This hustling type of culture is rapidly increasing and showing no signs of slowing down. More and more people are in this mad dash to get their business to make more money faster, circumvent principles, buy someone else's quick start program. Not all hustle is bad, but you have to admit, it ain’t healthy either.

Do we really have to grind this hard? Is it really supposed to be this difficult? Absolutely not! Putting in hard work is normal and expected for anything of significant value but this hustling thing is insanity. 

Here is a tweet I found that fits right into this blog:

Violeta Nedkova@VioletaNedkova May 25

“Not having ownership over my own schedule seems like a nightmare to me.” http://buff.ly/1U3J2fo  #onlinebiz

Doesn't it make sense?


1. This is first thing hustling does, it strips you of your time. You simply lose control and hustling takes over. Its like a hamster on the wheel not going anywhere. Always busy and never productive. It simply doesn't make money grow any faster. You don't see the process that makes the plants grow what you see is the results. Time has to be given to the process for the growth to take place. Patience is what we are lacking most. This is why there is so much failure. What is patience? The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Lack of it leads to burnout, fatigue and depression. Our thinking is that I'm hustling so hard and things are not happening as quickly as I thought. 

Everyone wants to plant a business today and look for the results tomorrow. If we take the time to plant our businesses based on successful principles then the results will follow. While nothing is guaranteed it sure increases our chances of success. Why...because principles do not change. Principles are a set of foundational truths for a system of belief or behavior. The people we should be listening to are those who have used business principles and are already at where we are striving to get to. Not those that are where we are and telling us how to get somewhere that have not even gotten to themselves.


2. Hustling tells faith, planning and reason to take a back seat, I got this. This constant need to be doing something, always striving but never achieving anything. Always reaching but never getting. We simply fail to make a plan as to how we are going to get where we want to be. Therefore, hustling becomes our roadmap and wherever there is an opportunity to make money we just jump right in no thought process required, no plan to go by, presentation or information. We just do not want to put in the time it takes to put together a plan that is critical for success. Why? Because with all of this technology it still takes old fashion work!

We want it fast and furious because someone else's business took off and we feel we have to keep up and all we are doing is spinning out of control. How come you never hear of hustlers defining their plan of what they have to offer and how to connect with those who want it. I don't care how great of an idea you have, if no one wants it, knows it exist or knows where to get it you have already failed no matter how much hustling you do. Hustling sells to anybody making individual sells to people who rarely come back, planning connects with people who want what we have and makes repeat customers who will carry our business. 

This is why you never hear of successful people and businesses talking about they hustled their way to the top. No, they planned and put a lot of work with the plan to get to the top. My former Christian Education Superintendent, Rita Green used to say and probably still does, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." What a strong piece of advice coming from so few words. We should not have to be exhausted, developing physical aliments and having no balance in life because of constantly trying to meet deadlines. It is not us who should be doing the hustling but it is our money that should be doing the hustling for us according to a set plan.

Define Your Own Definition of Success

3. Hustling does not allow you to be free to create, pursue and focus on why you started your business in the first place. If you and I are honest when we first started hustling was not even in our vocabulary. You see we learned it by what someone else said we had to do. Take back your control and define your own definition of success. Success can mean different things for different people. Sometimes just getting started and putting into action what you envisioned is success. For others making those first few sales, others stepping out by faith into doing something you never thought you could do equals success. Set your own definition of success.

The reality is the people we are downloading these e-books from, seminars we go to, getting these facebook secrets from are the ones making money because they market themselves as experts and do what others will not. They use their time to plan, execute and work their vision. They don't hustle...they work their vision according to a plan to achieve success! That is why everyone is downloading their book, going to their seminars, trying to use their information. We all need mentors, support groups and outside resources to help us get going. However, they are not the primary source of help they are secondary help. We are ultimately responsible whether or not we succeed or fail not the hustle.

What if we went back to defining what success is to us. Our freedom would return, our balance in life would return, our health and everything we are currently missing out on would return because of what we have given over to this hustling mentality. We have too many look a like businesses doing the same thing fighting for the same customers. What about your creativity, passion and purpose? The worlds needs what you have to share based on your personality and vision not someone else's. 

In closing I want to encourage you to go take back your control of your business. Focus on what you have to offer and finding those who want it. What is it that makes yours so unique and why we must have it. We never started our businesses to hustle we started with a purpose, passion and a love of what we could offer to the world through our skills, creativity and expertise in our particular fields. When you take back your control you put hustling out of business and regain your purpose as to why you started your business in the first place.

[author name="Steve Lee" bio="Steve Lee is graduate of Wayne State University with Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Co-founder of Rare Breed Apparel and all around social instigator. He gets a kick and thrill out of watering other peoples gift and watching them grow." facebook="https://www.facebook.com/rarebreedapparelllc/" instagram="https://www.instagram.com/rare_breed_apparel/" email="steve@rarebreedapparel.com"website="https://rarebreedapparel.com" image="steve.jpg"]

Steve Lee
Steve Lee


Steve Lee is graduate of Wayne State University with Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Co-founder of Rare Breed Apparel and all around social instigator. He gets a kick and thrill out of watering other peoples gift and watching them grow.

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